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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

Malta, which is in the central Mediterranean, is a popular summer destination. Two million and one hundred
thousand tourists visited it. And what attracts them is Malta’s temperate weather, small yet historically filled
area, azure beaches, humble locals, and rabbit-based dishes.

Many know Malta a mouth-opening view of its landscape from the sea and its joyous beaches. A trip to
Malta for escaping reality at the beach is good. But know that you’re missing a lot if you think that they’re
only what Malta has to offer. Aside from the beaches, Malta has three confirmed UNESCO world heritage
These are the:

The Megalithic Temples of Malta
The Valetta
The Flal Saffieni of Hypogeum

As for guided tours for learning about Malta’s rich cultural heritage, go to the:

Malta National Archeological Museum
St.Paul’s Catacombs
Palazzo Falson

Malta doesn’t disappoint your need for recreation too. If you’re bored, consider visiting the:

Malta National Aquarium
Popeye Village
Baraka Gardens
Malta Limestone Heritage Park

This article will be lacking if I don’t give a talk about what makes all the previously mentioned places
amazing. There’s more for you to learn, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

The Megalithic Temples of Malta is a collection of stone-built temples that date back to the 4th Millenium
BC and the 3rd Millenium BC.

Aside from being one of the oldest surviving structures in existence, the Maltese megalithic temples are
famous due to their complex, sophisticated design. Though built out of stone, the temples feature domes,
concave facades, and elliptical forecourts.

The most awe-inspiring temples are the Flagar Qin, Mnajdra, and Tarxien. It’s because these follow
architectural designs that would have been impossible to achieve given the limited resources of their
builders. Tarxien has a rounded facade and cistern. Mnajdra has an unusual triple entrance. Flagar Qim is
notable for the smart utilization of globigerina for its building.

Pricing for the Maltese Megalithic Temples depends on the complex that you want to explore. So far, many
say that the Hagar Qim is the most expensive. Nevertheless, don’t let this take you back because what you’ll
see is worth the price.

The Valetta

Valetta is Malta’s capital city so you’ll readily access it upon arriving. Within Valetta are monumental
churches and buildings that you should see. Examples are the St.John’s Cathedral, Valetta City Walls, and
The Saluting Battery.

The buildings and churches aren’t the only reason why Valetta is Malta’s capital. Malta began with the
establishment of Valetta as a city. The Order of St.John built the first buildings that date back to the 1500s.

Ottoman invasion in 1565 resulted in the building of the city walls which exists until today. Other notable
churches and buildings at the time of the French and British occupation in Valetta.

The Flal Saffieni of Hypogeum

The Flal Saffieni is an underground sanctuary or necropolis that’s located in the street between the St. Paolo Church and Vjal Santa Lucija highway in Valetta.

Dating back to 3300-3000 B.C., the discovery of Flal Saffieni in 1902 tells much about the pre-history of Malta. Archeological findings from it consist of stone carved figurines, tombs, pottery vessels, stone beads, clay beads, amulets, and axe heads.

Nevertheless, the site itself is the most important. Flal Saffieni itself is proof of the knowledge of the first inhabitants of the Sciberras Peninsula even before Malta existed. Archeologists say that Flal Saffieni is once a cave that the builders modified by carving the walls and spaces into separate chambers.

Flal Saffieni divides into an upper level and lower level. The upper level consists of four chambers and might have acted as a sanctuary, for it is where most of the artifacts were. Each of the chambers has unique traits.

The interior of the main chamber has a circular shape. On its walls are numerous entrances that lead the way to the other chambers.

An acoustically powerful construction is the unique trait of the oracle chamber. In here, you can shout or play an instrument and feels its sound resonate.

The petroglyph, the spirals, and the inward slanting smooth walls of the decorated chamber , next to the oracle chamber, are mesmerizing.

Finally, the Holy of Holies is just baffling. The builders planned its construction to agree to the sun’s position during the winter solstice. This denotes that the builders have knowledge of mathematics and astronomy and are amazing.

Malta National Archeological Museum

The Malta National Archeological Museum is a baroque style museum that’s built-in 1571. It’s divided into a
Neolithic Period section and a Phoenician Period at present. However, constructions are on-going to add a
Byzantine section, Punic Section, and Roman section.

Flal Saffieni’s most prized artifact, The Sleeping Lady, is stored here. As the names imply, it’s a rock
carved figurine that shows an obese woman lying on her sides. Other equally famous artifacts within the
museum are the Bronze Age Daggers of Tarxien Temple, the Venus of Malta from Hagar Qim Temples, and
the Horus and Anubis Pendant.

The National Archeological Museum isn’t expensive. Adults only have to pay 5 euros to get inside. As for
children and young adults, the entrance fee is only 3 euros and 2 euros.

St. Paul's Catacombs

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

St.Paul’s catacombs is a catholic underground cemetery that has been used during the Punic Period and Roman.
Period of Malta’s history. It covers an area of 2000 square feet underground. Making it up is a series of
tombs that are interconnected intricate passageways.

The inside of the catacombs are roughly made. Their construction and shape doesn’t go head to head with the
Flal Saffieni. Nevertheless, you’ll love to be here because the place has an inherent eery vibe. Without the
abundant lighting, exploring St.Paul’s catacombs would feel as if you’re in the movie “As Above, So Below

Some parts of the catacombs have carved and colored figurines. These might have been the burial places of
wealthy Romans and Phoenicians. In general, the older parts of the catacombs have a better look than the
newer ones. This might have been due to the gradual loss of St.Paul’s Catacombs’ social significance as
time passed.

Palazzo Falson

The Palazzo Falson is one of the oldest and most well-preserved medieval townhouses in Malta. The Falson
family once owned it. Malta’s national government now owns the building and is currently using it as a
museum to draw tourists in.

Within the Palazzo, Falson are the belongings of the original owners. Things for you to see are tin cans,
wood plates, wooden spoons, hang-kettle and hang-pots, wooden buckets, swords, etc.

Caretakers store all of the abovementioned items in the 17 rooms that comprise Palazzo Falson. To avoid
confusion about where to go, the building split up into a kitchen section, a private office section, an armory
section, and a carpet gallery section.

Malta National Aquarium

Malta is close to the sea. That’s why there’s a place for you to view the rich Maltese marine wildlife without
scuba diving or snorkeling. The Malta National Aquarium dedicates itself to educating student visitors and
preserving marine wildlife in Malta and other locations.

This place covers an area of 20,000 square feet consisting of a public aquarium, local diving school
facilities, catering facilities, a souvenir shop, a tourist information office, and a landscaped belvedere.

The public aquarium has 41 tanks. Its main tank is 12 meters in diameter and is the ideal spot for looking at
all the large fishes under the aquarium’s care, such as sharks and giant turtles. Furthermore, Malta National
Aquarium holds fun events from time to time for kids and adults.

Popeye Village

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

Mata’s Popeye Village is a festive seaside theme park that used to be the original film set of the Popeye
Musical Comedy in 1980.

Popeye is a popular wedding venue and Christmas holiday destination. It’s divided into 27 fun locations
where kids can interact with peers, spend time with Santa, get their hands on his toys, and another kiddie

Adults will love the view of the sea adjacent to Popeye village. You may opt to go for excursions by renting
a kayak or a paddleboard. Popeye village also offers a cruising service. Finally, there are many scenic spots
like the Roughhouse and Mainsquare that are perfect for wedding proposals and wedding ceremonies.

Baraka Gardens

The Baraka Gardens is a large botanical garden in Malta that resembles a classic Roman garden. Growing
within it are orchids, roses, succulents, saghtars, and other flowers found in the Mediterranean.


The upper level of the Baraka garden is a circular space with a fountain in the center that a replica of the
Parthenon overlooks. Nearby is a passageway with interconnected stone arches on both sides, leading
to the lower Baraka garden.


In terms of beauty, the lower Baraka garden doesn’t disappoint. It provides a scenic view of the Valette and
the sea-facing it. It’s where you need to be during nighttime because the lights from the city that the sea
reflects is a sight to behold.

Malta Limestone Heritage Park

Malta is heavily dependent on limestone. Most of the buildings from the Neolithic up to the present age used
it. If you don’t believe me, look at the churches, the catacombs, and even the houses, and you’ll see that this
is the case. Limestone quarries also help boost the Maltese economy. And for this reason, a Limestone.
Heritage Park is for you to visit.

The Malta Limestone heritage park is where you can see the different kinds of limestone and the various
ways of using them. Furthermore, there’s a limestone sculpting demonstration for you to enjoy. If you’re into
sculpture, don’t miss it because the sculptors are always ready to share their techniques.

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