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Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

Santorini Perl of GreeceTravel Guide

Have you ever longed for a retreat in a seaside town with a panoramic view of the sea that sits on top of towering stone cliffs? If yes, Santorini is where you have to go.

People living in Santorini are very lucky. Every morning, they get to enjoy the dazzling sunrise. As the sun rises, the sea awakes too and starts to fill the surroundings with the joyful sounds of its waves.


There are also stone cliffs at a distance for seeing the beaches, towns, and other surrounding areas. Beaches in Santorini proudly faces the sky with their beautiful fine white sand. The tows are always alive, and it’s common to hear the buzz coming from restaurants, stores, bakeries, and other establishments. Unpopulated areas, on the other hand, give rise to flower fields, green meadows, and lush woodlands.


I can’t take you to Santorini myself. But I can deliver it to you instead. Let your imagination wander for a while and take the time to read this short Santorini Travel Info.


This eruption happened about 3600 years ago. Theran eruption killed about 40,000 people and affected other places such as Asia. It was one of the most devastating incidents in earth’s history.

Nevertheless, fortune accompanies misfortune sometimes. The Theran eruption gave way to Santorini’s unique geography. The towering stone cliffs, the natural formations in beaches, and even the healthy state of vegetation are due to it.

Near Santorini are numerous smaller islands. The Naxos, Anafi, Mykonos, and Milos. Just like the mainland, all of these islands boast beautiful whitewashed seaside towns that stare blankly at the sea up ahead.

3 Notable Things About Santorini

The Seaside Towns

Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

The seaside towns in Santorini are one of its main attractions. They look like white enchanted kingdoms from afar. On the other hand, strolling them feels like you in a vintage movie of some sort. The brick-lined roads, the lampstand on the highways, the alleys, and even the houses bring a feeling of nostalgia to the heart.

The Imerovigli is perhaps the best town here. Imerovigli sits up high on a cliff that looks at Santorini’s caldera. During sunset, the entire town baths with the sun’s orange-hued rays.

At this point, everything becomes still and calm. As evening approaches, lights start to turn on one by one. Witnessing this from up high will make you think that the entire Imerovigli is a giant flat Christmas tree.

Here’s a quick tip, the best villas, resthouses, or hotels in Santorini are those that are at the highest portion of the landscape and near to the sea

Great Restaurants, Bars, and Wineries

Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

In the seaside towns are numerous restaurants, bars, and wineries. Most of these establishments in Santorini are privately-owned restaurants that families run from generation to generation. That said, Santorini is a great choice if your tongue is longing for authenticity.

One place that I really love in Santorini is the Lycabettus. This is a restaurant that offers fine dining amidst the vibe of the sea. Lycabettus has an open setting. That said, you can eat happily while listening to the cry of the seagulls and the hissing of the waves. In the evening, the stars adorn this place and make it an ideal location for a romantic dinner.

The Beaches, Of Course!

Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

Last but certainly not least are the Santorini beaches. Santorini is a terrific place for beach hopping. You can transfer from one beach to the next quickly because they’re very close to each other. Also, the trails and roads that lead to various beaches have eye-catching roadside sceneries.

Top Things To Do In Santorini


Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

Santorini is a windy Island. In effect, it’s a great place for parasailing. Parasailing costs about $40 – $80. All beaches in Santorini are great spots for parasailing.

Exploring the Seaside Towns

As I said earlier, the seaside towns in Santorini have a nostalgic and heart warming vibe. Thus, walking in their vicinity might be what you need for a romantic moment with the person you love. If you’re alone, they’re also great for collecting your thoughts and get that “aha!” moment for a project that’s bugging you.

Food Trip

Restaurants, bars, and wineries in Santorini always have something good in store. Whether you just want a good cappuccino and croissant, wine, whisky, or a hearty meal of roasted lamb cooked under open fire, know that bars, wineries, and restaurants are ready to accommodate you.

Sunbathing, Snorkelling, and Suba Diving

Santorini Perl of Greece Travel Guide

Beaches in Santorini have great sun quality. You’ll enjoy getting a good tan because their windy setting won’t make you feel hot even if you’re exposed to the sun’s rays.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are good activities too. The volcanic geography of Santorini paves the way for aquatic life forms to flourish. Under the sea are numerous kaleidoscopic coral reefs, colorful fishes, and rock formations. There are also lagoons that you might want to explore.

Examples of the best locations in Santorini for scuba diving and snorkeling are the Kamari beach, Perissa Rock, Caves Lagoon, and Nea Kameni.

When Is The Best Time To Go?

The best time to visit Santorini is the months of May to August. These are time-periods where villas, hotels, and rest houses are cheap. Furthermore, tourists aren’t around. As a result, you’ll get to spend your time undisturbed and carefree.


You can also try visiting during the winter months. However, Santorini’s climate isn’t that good during these times. Furthermore, some establishments are closed to make time for employees’ vacations.

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