Home Destinations Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Sardinia is the place to go for relaxing on the sub-tropical coast of Italy. As one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, Sardinia never fails to impress tourists with its beaches, nightlife, and tourist attractions. The waters are crystal clear and teeming with life.


 Late-night parties are awesome and you’ll never know that it’s already morning. Of course, the sights located in Sardinia are more than just for taking pictures but are also for nourishing your passion for art, history, and culture.


Get your imagination ready. I’ll be taking your mind on a tour that will familiarize you with the best beaches, food, sights, and hotels on this Sardinia travel guide.

Colonna Resort - Porto Cervo

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

One place which greatly defines Sardinia is Porto Cervo. During the morning, its waters glimmer like crystals as the sun climbs higher at the sky. Moreover, watercraft such as boats and yachts make the view more striking. My first glimpse of Porto Cervo was very nostalgic and it’s a memory that I still cherish up to this day.


Two kilometers away from Porto Cervo is Colonna Resort. Colonna resort boasts a picturesque view of Porto Cervo from a distance. Its beach is quite good and comes with great amenities such as jetski, boat rides, and kayaks.


 Nevertheless, the best thing about Colonna resort aside from its proximity to Porto Cervo is it’s closeness to business centers and tourist attractions like the Stella Maris, Spiaggia Capricioli, and Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio.

Chia Beach Resorts

The beach resorts around Chia are not as prestigious as those in Spiaggia Capriciolia or Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio. However. They’re cheap and will be a good destination if you’re with family. Chia beach resorts may not look that good, but their beaches are as equally impressive as the more glamorous beaches in Sardinia.

If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to see the flamingoes that spend their time on the beaches of Chia. Flamingoes are a rare sight, and most go to Chia to see these birds. After seeing them, you may opt to rent a car and engage on a quick road trip to see the sights that Chia’s roads have.

Poro Istana Beach - Olbia

Olbia is a coastal city filled with several good restaurants, historical sites, and friendly inhabitants. Nevertheless, what makes it very famous to tourists is the Poro Istana beach. Poro Istana is a resort that’s perfect for people who are bad at swimming. Though quite expansive, its waters are very shallow. This might be due to the coastline that stretches far toward the sea.

Poro Istana also provides a majestic view of Tavolara Island. Tavolara Island is one of Sardinia’s best tourist attractions that’s accessible in Olbia. Since the waters around Poro Istana are quite shallow, going to Tavolara Island is a good option because it’s a great spot for snorkeling

Spiaggia del Principe - Arzachena

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Honestly, I’m not very keen on the sands that Spiaggia del Principe has. They’re not as fine and soft as the sands of Poro Istana or Chia beach. Even so, what makes Spiaggia del Principe good, at least for me, are its majestic waters. When struck with sunlight, they give a radiant bluish hue. As a result, Spiaggia del Principe might be the most beautiful Sardinia resort in terms of water quality.

You should opt to rent a yacht to make the most of your time here. If it’s too expensive, then renting one of the cheap boats will do. You should swim far away from the coastline to avoid the rocky sand that might hurt the feet or cause you to slip. Wearing swimming slippers is an option since it will protect your feet from the coarseness of the sand

La Pelosa Beach

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Head to La Pelosa beach if the rockiness of Spiaggia del Principe bothers you. This beach features crystal clear waters that are as shallow as the waters of Poro Istana. Aside from safe swimming and good water quality, things that will ensure a good time here are picturesque views, friendly beach staff, affordable amenities, and occasional gigs.

Places to Visit in Sardinia - The Tourist Attractions (Aside From the Beaches of Course!)

Nuraghe Megalithic Structures

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Up until today, archeologists are having trouble explaining the purpose and origins of megalithic structures. One such example is the Nuraghe that sits in various locations in Italy. Sardinia is very blessed to have one. Most Nuraghes might have been built during the Iron Age or Bronze Age. This is why many are very interested in them, Just imagine how baffling it is to understand how a structure that’s purely made out of stone can withstand the test of time.

Many say that Nuraghes were ancient tombs. Nevertheless, this speculation is open to debate. That said, you have to take a look. Who knows? You might get to crack the mysteries upon seeing them.


Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

Sardinia’s Alghero city is more than ready if you’re a building geek like me. Alghero is a seaside city with buildings that are inspired by Catalan – Gothic architecture. Due to the look of its buildings, Alghero has a similar vibe to the city of Barcelona. This is no coincidence, though. Many tourists and locals call Alghero Barceloneta or little Barcelona.

Compared to other Sardinian cities, Alghero is very peaceful. During the afternoons, the atmosphere is filled with a local musician’s music playing from a piano, guitar, or bass flute. There’s also the occasional whisper of the sea waves that brush on Alghero’s fortifications against the sea. That said, you should think about staying in Alghero before heading home.

Arzachena Prehistoric Sites

Arzachena is a humble town that sits on the northern portion of Sardinia. There’s not much to do here since it’s area is pretty small. However, you’ll be wondering why many tourists bother to come even if it doesn’t hold many activities. Arzachena is pretty busy during the day. What makes it busy are the prehistoric sites that add to Sardinia and Italy’s rich history.

Arzachena has 5 pre-historic sites to date; Li Muri, Nuraghe Albucciu, Nuraghe La Prisgiona, Coddu Vechiu, and Li Lolghi. These sites have features that are unique to each. You can opt to inspect these features yourself with the help of a guide. Guides are well-versed in various languages. Picture taking is allowed. However, tourists are strictly warned not to take rocks of any kind from the sites. Doing otherwise might result in sanctions that Arzachena’s government imposes.

Best Hotels In Sardinia

In this section, I’ll talk about the best luxury hotels in Sardinia that are worth visiting if you have the budget.

Cervo Hotel

At the heart of Porto Cervo is the Cervo hotel, which has operated for more than 20 years. Though quite old, Cervo Hotel is still dominating the hospitality industry in Porto Cervo. One of Cervo Hotel’s secrets to success is its location. Because it is situated at the heart of Poro Cervo, Cervo hotel is nearby the picturesque coastline, popular business centers, shopping districts, etc.

Balocco Hotel

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

You should try the Balocco Hotel if you’re planning to enjoy Arzachena. This one is also found near Porto Cervo. Amenities in Balocco Hotel are pools, a beach area, a luxurious pub, and a restaurant. Its location isn’t as great as Cervo Hotel. Nevertheless, the accommodation and food make staying worth your time.

Chia Laguna

Step by step travel guide where to stay in Sardinia

One hotel that I strongly recommend if you found yourself in Chia is the Chia Laguna hotel. Chia Laguna is a 4-star hotel that’s complete with basic amenities such as a well-maintained pool, a cozy lobby, and a spacious parking lot. What I love about this place is the simplicity of its rooms. Chia Laguna is, without a doubt, a luxury hotel. However, its rooms don’t look too grand. They have this simple yet elegant look. As a result, staying here feels as if you’re right in the comfort of your own home.

La Vela Latina Hotel

La Vela Latina Hotel is a good option for visiting La Pelosa. This is a hotel that’s only 2.7 kilometers away from it. Aside from quality customer service, the seaside view of its rooms makes La Vela Latina special. It even has a small beach where you can opt to sunbathe or swim. The food here is also good, especially the shrimps. Nevertheless, you might want to visit local restaurants to save money.


To end this section, the hotels that I listed here are also the best hotels near Sardinia’s beaches. Therefore, you should check in on these beaches if you want to access Sardinian beaches quickly.

Cheapest Hotels in Sardinia

I understand that not all have the financial capability to afford the hotels that I’ve mentioned. That said, this section will talk about the cheapest hotels in Sardinia. Don’t be misled, though. By saying cheap, I don’t mean to say that these are bad hotels. All I’m saying is that these are hotels that everyone can afford.

Residence Bougainvillea

One cheap hotel that’s only a walking distance away from Porto Cervo is the Residence Bougainvillea. Though cheap, this 3-star hotel comes with a large pool, well-maintained rooms, and a sun terrace. Simply put, Residence Bougainvillea is a simple hotel that provides more of what you pay.

Stazzo lu Ciaccaru

This hotel is located at the heart of Arzachena. What I love about Stazzo lu Ciaccaru is its uniqueness. It’s a hotel that consists of old Sardinian establishments that have been restored. This hotel has a village-like feel. That said, you might want to check-in if you’re looking for a place that has a peaceful ambiance.

Best Sardinia Holiday Villas

Villa di L'abbiu

Villa di L’abbiu sits on the heavily vegetated portion of Arzachena. That being said, this villa sits far away from the city and provides a perfect view of the mountain that towers the city and its beaches. It has a small pool just in case you want to take a deep. Nevertheless, what’s great about Villa di L’abbiu is its sunlit location, which is perfect for a good tan.

Villa Patty

Villa patty consists of a series of establishments that provide a picturesque view of the ocean. Furthermore, it has an elevated seaside pool that looks very elegant. The interior design is good and features modern to traditional Italian architectural styles. It’s located is pretty secluded, so you might want to stay here to shut yourself away from the world.

Villagio Costa Paradiso

This villa is near Sardinia’s paradise coast. I like this one due to its rustic and simple look. Mountains and hills overlook Villagio Costa Paradiso. As a result, it has a countryside vibe that you’ll love. Apart from this, I also appreciate that it’s near to bars and other centers for nightlife.

Sardinia Nightlife

Nightlife in Sardinia varies, and depending on which city or beach you’re staying in, the highlight of the fun might range from music, clubbing, gastronomic adventures, or recreation. For example, much of the nightlife in Alghero’s city revolves around drinks with friends while watching local musicians perform Italian music.

On the other hand, Porto Cervo is the place to go clubbing and shopping. At night, this city teems with life as nighttime stores open to accommodate guests. Some goods can even be bought at night. Wine shops and bars are always ready to welcome guests no matter how late it is. You can opt to spend the night at the hotel where you’re staying since they have amenities that cater to late-night parties. Nevertheless, heading outside is the best to get some fun.

To end, I want to say that Sardinia is pretty safe. Criminality in its cities and towns is low. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about walking in dark alleys while being drunk and wasted. Still, it’s better not to push your luck and drink responsibly. After all, what you don’t want is to leave yourself vulnerable while you’re far away from home.

What is the Food in Sardinia That You Shouldn't, Miss?

Sardinian delicacies are mostly Italian. However, Sardinia has foods that only it’s locals can cook with finesse. An example is a delicacy that they call Porcheddu. Porcheddu is vaguely familiar with the Philippine Lechon. However, what makes it different is the requirement for the pig used in cooking it. For Porcheddu, the pig must not weigh more than 6 kilograms. I think this is to ensure that the dish doesn’t become too oily.

This dish has a very unique taste. It has a rich smokey flavor that seeps into the tongue. Also, it goes remarkably well with wine. It becomes more delicious depending on the quality of the wine that you choose to drink it with.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Sardinia?

The best time to visit Sardinia depends on whether you love to come when there are people around. If you’re the solitary type, I suggest that you visit during the beginning of summer because only a few tourists will be present. On the other hand, you should opt to head to Sardinia during mid or late summer if you love socializing. During these times, you can interact with tourists and associate with them.

You can also opt to visit whenever festivals are taking place. Sardinia has at least 17 festivals that are very memorable and worthwhile. They might be more enjoyable than the beaches in Sardinia. That said, you should check what these festivals are and remember their dates to plan your trip.

Where To Stay In Sardinia?

Should you stay in a hotel or villa? Choosing is up to you. However, if you’ll allow me to suggest, I think that staying in a hotel might be better. It’s because most hotels in Sardinia are within walking distance from the beaches. Furthermore, they come with the amenities that villas don’t have.

On the other hand, you should stay in the villas if you want more privacy. Also, their advance might be better than what hotels have. If you’re planning to spend your time in Sardinia for relaxation, then you should stay in villas instead of hotels.

Final Thoughts

Sardinia is a great location for enjoying beaches and various nightlife. Due to its numerous beaches, it’s important to pinpoint the location that you want to visit. Also, you might want to compare the prices of the various hotels and villas before reserving.


This Sardinia travel guide helps you do so. The hotels that I listed here are the best and cheapest. Therefore, you should check them out before deciding that they’re no good. On the other hand, the beaches that I discussed are the ones that tourists visit year after year. Therefore, rest assured that they’re trustworthy and safe at the same time.

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